Transcripts and Recordings from Neil’s Subic Appearances

The ever-reliable Charles Tan has posted tons of goodies on his blog for us:

From the Ad Congress:
Audio Recording — Imagination and Creativity in the Contemporary World (50:27, 24 MB)
(26:59 13 MB)

From “A Gathering of Dreamlings and Nightmares”:

Audio Recordings:
The Graveyard Book Reading (51:35, 24 MB)
Talk and Q&A (58:06, 27 MB)

Transcript: click click!

Excerpt: Good morning!

This microphone… there are elves!

Right. In spite of the fact that some of you were here 1230 and probably asleep quietly in the background somewhat, one of the reasons I became a writer was to not get up early in the morning. And this qualifies as early and I did really well at the Advertising Congress the other day because that started at 930 and I was still on jet lag American time. My soul was still halfway across the Pacific and my theory is that souls travel at 60 miles an hour, about as fast as the fastest car. This morning it’s finally caught up with me so instead of beginning by giving another talk, I will begin by reading it to you and we’ll see if my writing actually arrived with my entry.

Thanks much, Charles! :)

Thanks too to http://heartofadream.wordpress.com/

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